Tasting Our Way Into The New Decade - 2020 Food Trends

The last ten years really has been a feast for the eyes as we’ve opened up our minds to introduce a new eclectic mix of cultural influences into the things we eat. Below are some of the most fascinating trends to happen in the last decade

So much love for green.

As the awareness on low-fat diets increased it became knowledge that healthy fats are ‘good for you’ thus, the avocado made it’s way onto our lunches, brunches and dinner plates. The Southern Mexican fruit has become an instagram sensation. Other than it’s good looks, avocados are one of the most popular super-foods of today. The anti-aging, mood-boosting fruit is full of fiber, vitamins, potassium and healthy fats. Another vitamin packed green love of ours is Matcha. Mainly recognised as a matcha green tea or matcha latte, this bright green fine powder are specially grown green tea leaves. This is very different than drinking a green tea. You’re keeping all the nutrients, unlike tea leaves where you brew and bin the leaves. Matcha again has many benefits including EGCg which has cancer fighting properties.

Mother’s ruin no more.

The popularity of gin has sky rocketed through the last decade with us Brits demanding more exotic combinations of flavours to hit the shelves. The all-time year round spirit has lead to many seasonal varieties of flavours such a blackberry and sloe for the winter to more citrussy flavours of watermelon and grapefruit in the summer months. There seems to be no slowing down of the trend too with more flavours to be expected in our bars and restaurants this year!

Another centuries old drink is ever-evolving and keeping modern and fresh. Coffee is part of many people’s daily ritual as the famous saying goes ‘Every great day starts with coffee’. With this we have seen the likes of latte art take center stage and offer us an instagrammable delight. The technical side to coffee has also taken a huge turn in the last few years. Cold brew (the process of steeping coffee through cold water over at least 8 hours) stepped onto the trend-scene around 5 years ago and it opened up a new way to enjoy a drink from a batch of fresh roasted coffee beans. The finished drink is light and refreshing with acidic tones. See how the Siemens EQ coffee machines can give you a coffee shop experience at home.

Beautiful food.

It’s Friday night, you’ve booked a table for you and your friends at a restaurant and you’ve gone in and order a starter, main and finished with a dessert. That seems to be a thing of the past. We have become a lot more social and casual when it comes to eating out.

Tapas, a typical Spanish style of eating has become a hugely popular way of eating. Small plates allow you to all ‘try a bit of everything’ rather than committing to one dish. It’s allowed drinkers to enjoy more than a pork scratching for a snack’ and the choice of how many to order is up to you. So whether you’re in for a feast or a few nibbles, anything is socially acceptable when we go out. Curry houses, gastro pubs, Mexican and Italian cuisines are all taking on this trend.

Sustainability is here to stay.

As we become more self-aware of the impact we are having on the environment, we are seeking new ways to enjoy food. Almost one in four UK food products launched in 2019 were vegan. The awareness of how farm animals leave a lasting impact on the environment has changed the way we eat. The flexitarian diet is becoming the norm as brand new meat substitutes are constantly being brought onto the market. The plant-based diet is seen as a much ‘healthier option’ which has helped make this trend a much more popular and sustainable way of life.

We have began to see ‘Zero-waste’ supermarkets open up on our high-streets bringing back a vintage way of shopping that is now an increasingly popular way of living for a lot of millennials and environmentally aware people. This doesn’t mean the end to meat and fish, only that we change our habits and understand the environments and the old lesson of ‘know where you food has come from’. Choosing meat from local butchers, sustainable fishing, but also considering new species such as the jellyfish. As the seas warm, it is said that the jellyfish are thriving, these protein rich beings could be on our menus sooner than you think.

What's next?

As the UK becomes ever-more multi-cultural we will always see influences pushing their ways into our daily eating habits. Although we are creatures of habit, we also love to be on the top of a trend and really take advantage of the new instagrammable influences around us, only time will tell what trends will be here to stay and what other amazing technological advances will happen in the future as we continue to gain knowledge on how to create a more sustainable and delicious future for us all.

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