What Oven Do They Use On The Great British Bake Off?

With The Great British Bake Off back on our screens, and past seasons now available on Netflix to binge-watch, I thought it would be the perfect time to look at what oven the home bakers use on the show.

The oven I believe they use on The Great British Bake Off is the Neff N90 B57CS24N0B Slide & Hide Single Oven.

It’s easy to identify because of its unique hideaway door, which is only available on Neff ovens. Then it’s a quick look at the front to narrow it down to Neff’s N90 range where the B57CS24N0B lives. It also helps to be a kitchen designer, as I’m looking at ovens every day. I can spot this one a mile away! What are the features of the Neff B57CS24N0B?

The B57CS24N0B built-in single oven is a fantastic all-round oven packed with great features. It’s a multi-function oven with 13 cooking functions, such as bread baking and dough proving. Perfect for GBBO bakers and home chefs alike.

The most unique feature (and the one that everyone talks about) is the Slide&Hide oven door. Neff has patented this design, so it is the only manufacturer that has this feature on its ovens. The door neatly slides away underneath the oven when you open it. This allows you to get up closer to the oven to place in or remove dishes.

It also comes with a quadruple glazed door to keep the heat locked in and help to stop the outside of the door getting too hot. So even if you have the bad luck of Stacey on Series 8 of GBBO and the door falls off while you’re baking, you can hold it up and keep cooking!

Key features:

  • Capacity: 71 litres

  • Oven type: Multifunction

  • Pyrolytic cleaning

  • Slide&Hide door

  • CircoTherm technology

  • Soft close door

  • Energy rating: A

Read on to find out more about each of these features.

What is Pyrolytic cleaning?

Some ovens have a type of self-cleaning function known as Pyrolytic. This feature allows the oven to reach temperatures upwards of 500oC, burning off grease, dirt and leftover food that has built up in your oven over time. These bits are incinerated and turned to ash that can be simply swept out, returning your oven to its sparkling, good-as-new condition. I always recommend this feature – it saves you the hassle of cleaning by hand and the expense of having your oven professionally cleaned. What is CircoTherm cooking?

CircoTherm is Neff’s unique hot air system that allows you to cook different dishes simultaneously on all three levels without the smells and odours mixing into the different dishes. The fan at the back of the oven draws air in and pushes it out around the oven. The sides of the oven are designed to then push the air around evenly and back inside. This creates an even cooking temperature throughout the oven. It also means that when you open the door, hot air doesn’t rush out and you don’t lose the temperature as rapidly. Are there other Neff Slide&Hide ovens?

Yes, there is a range of Neff Slide&Hide ovens that all have different features and functions – and with that, prices. Neff has divided its range of ovens into different groups based on price and number of features. It starts with N30 at the lower end of the range, moving up to N50, N70 and top of the range N90. T

here are different models available within each range as well, giving you lots of choices to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.  Here are just some of the other fantastic Neff ovens that have the Slide&Hide door feature:

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