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Our International Kitchen Range

Time to be inspired


Whether you are looking for a luxury kitchen or more competitively priced kitchen, at Kitchens by Coast we will provide you with a considered design that reflects your wishes and lifestyle. We have an extensive range of worktops and appliances to complement your kitchen with all the associated organisational accessories you would expect from a German or British bespoke kitchen. We have categorized our kitchen furniture into their respective brands to make it easier to find a kitchen you like. What we show here is only a flavour of what is on offer and once you have browsed through our selection of brochures, a trip to our studio is essential so that you can feel the quality first-hand.

Coast 13-8-21-150.jpg
Coast 12-8-21-104.jpg

Hacker Concept 130

Hacker Systemat


Bespoke by Coast


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