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Your lifestyle is unique, your space, and your social activities are a very special and personal commodity. When we design your kitchen we make sure it will be a unique experience, a proud statement space, and built to last.

Passion, commitment, and the finest products, brought to you with unique statement designs.


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Handmade in the UK we create beautiful quality kitchens that are as unique as you

We pride ourselves in the production of truly bespoke cabinetry, manufacturing every component of your kitchen joinery.


We create complete ready to fit luxurious furniture, combining the finest of materials with meticulous craftmanship bringing your designs to life. As you browse through this brochure, we believe that you will recognise our passion and be inspired by Kitchens & Bathrooms Coast


Hacker German Kitchens manufacture modern fitted Kitchens which focus on functionality, sustainability, quality and design

Hacker is one of the global leaders in the Kitchen Manufacture industry directly supplying over 60 different countries worldwide.

This diverse manufacturer is able to offer traditional painted shaker ranges as well as sleek modern handleless conepts alike and without compromise. 


Hacker boasts the ability to cover all parts of the kitchen market. Ranging from the functional and cost effective to the state of the art and luxury kitchens, meaning that there is truly a kitchen for eveyones style and budget.

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